Say goodbye to off-the-peg

Semi-Bespoke Suits

We realise that it can be difficult to justify the cost of a wardrobe of fully bespoke tailored suits. We also understand the frustration of those who are are not prepared to accept the mediocre cut, construction and fit of ‘off-the-peg’ suits.

A Jasper Littman semi-bespoke is a perfect fit for this problem. It has a great deal in common with its fully bespoke counterpart, including the same personal selection of fabrics, cut and style, and the same highly experienced visiting Savile Row tailors. The result will be an unquestionably individual and stylish garment.

However by simplifying the fitting process and reducing a proportion of the hand-crafting time, a semi-bespoke Jasper Littman suit can be created on a shorter timescale and more modest budget than a fully bespoke suit. 

About semi-bespoke

Unquestionably superior

When you choose to invest in a Jasper Littman semi-bespoke suit there remains no compromise on the choice of fabrics and styles – or the skill, experience and perfectionism of your expert tailor. 

Compared to our fully bespoke suits, the difference lies in the process; fitting for a Jasper Littman semi-bespoke suit does not include the intermediate ‘baste’ stage, rather the garment is created from the detailed measurements taken at your first appointment to a straight finish. All required alterations are made afterwards, and the suit will not necessarily include hand-finishing.

Far from a compromise, this represents contemporary personal tailoring. At Jasper Littman, we firmly believe that a semi-bespoke suit is an unquestionably superior option to any off-the-peg garment.

Prices are dependent upon the fabric chosen; semi-bespoke Jasper Littman suits start at £1,049, with the average cost currently around £1,200 to £1,600.

Our signature silhouette

The Jasper Littman silhouette

We believe that the silhouette or ‘cut’ of a suit is an absolutely crucial factor in creating an elegant suit that will leave an impression. A good silhouette is all about balance.

Our cut has been developed and improved over many years, to create a flattering appearance whilst still adhering to the general principles of a Savile Row traditionally tailored suit.

Note the slight curve at the waist, designed to make the wearer look slimmer. The raised buttoning position and slightly narrowed lapels are also typical of a Savile Row suit; they help to draw attention to the chest, creating a more masculine profile.

It is important to remember, however, that each suit is made personally for each client, so use our guidance – but in the end, make the suit your own.

The semi-bespoke fitting process

Outline of a stylish Savile Row with characteristics highlighted - prominent sleeve crown, soft straight shoulderline, high front button position and flattering curved waist

The Semi-Bespoke Fitting Process

Your first appointment

Choosing fabric and measuring

Your dedicated visiting tailor will come to your home or office (or meet you on Savile Row if you prefer) with a wide variety of fabrics and linings to help with your choice of colours, weaves and styles. You’ll also have the opportunity to try on a sample garment, so that you can examine the cut and quality of our construction. 

As with our fully bespoke suits, when ordering a semi-bespoke suit you are measured in great detail by an expert with many years’ experience on Savile Row, taking into account all the idiosyncrasies of your posture.

A 50% deposit will be placed on the order.

Next: First Fitting

Your second appointment

First Fitting

Around 6 to 7 weeks after your initial appointment, your suit will be ready for the first fitting.

Your dedicated tailor will arrange a further meeting with you, again at your convenience in terms of time and location. During this first fitting, your tailor will pin or mark up the suit to prepare it for adjustment.

Next: Second Fitting

Your third appointment

Second Fitting

Approximately 10-14 days after your first fitting, your tailor will contact you for the final fitting appointment.

The suit will be tried on again just to ensure that the adjustments were carried out correctly.

If so, the balance on the order is paid.

Your adjusted measurements will be kept on file, ensuring that we can provide an even more personalised and streamlined service for all subsequent orders.