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Discover our Savile Row heritage, our approach to personal tailoring and the Jasper Littman signature ‘silhouette’.

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Savile Row, in the heart of London’s West End is famous for bespoke tailoring. For over a hundred and fifty years it has been the home of the finest tailoring and it has built an international reputation as the benchmark for well-made suits.

At Jasper Littman, our tailors have learnt their trade in organisations such as Gieves & Hawkes, Burberry, Daks Simpson, Kilgour and Aquascutum and have at least 24 years of tailoring experience. Founder Jasper Littman has himself over 19 years experience in Savile Row alone, and has developed and honed his signature ‘silhouette’ over that time.

Savile Row has its own style which can be identified by a number of features: a soft but straight shoulder line, a high front-buttoning position, a curved waist and a high and prominent sleeve crown. These are some of the hallmarks that make the quintessential English suit.

The Jasper Littman silhouette is every inch the Savile Row style – slimming and close-fitting, it is designed to flatter the wearer by the combination of a subtle accentuation of the shoulders and suppression of the waist. The traditional high front button position and slightly narrowed lapels further emphasise the chest, creating a distinctly masculine profile.

the anatomy of a Jasper Littman Savile Row suit

Superior construction

At Jasper Littman we believe in incorporating only the highest quality materials in our suits.

Importantly, all of our suits – whether bespoke or semi bespoke – are either half canvassed or fully canvassed.

This process, whereby a canvas lining is incorporated as a layer beneath the wool fabric shell, gives the suit added structure and strength. Loosely stitched beneath the outer layer, the canvassing contributes to the comfort, movement and durability of the garment, and helps it to hold its shape. Indeed, many wearers find that a canvas construction actually leads to the suit fitting better and better over time as the canvas conforms to the contours of the body.

Unlike mass-produced alternatives, all of our suits are stitched together. Nothing inside is ever glued or fused.

diagram showing the different components involved in a canvassed vs non-canvassed suit construction

Your choice of fabrics, weights and weaves

We are committed to giving you the choice of the best fabric and weaves, as the fabric selected will affect the suit’s durability and performance and its feel or ‘handle’.

Wool fabrics tend to have a rich-looking lustre or sheen to them, sometimes enhanced by the addition of cashmere, sable, silver mink or mohair to the wool. Fabrics tend to become more expensive the finer they are and the silkier they feel, and the cost of the fabric largely determines the overall cost of the garment.

All our fabrics are English milled and made from natural fibres, and are available in varying weights. The choice of fabric weight should be influenced by whether the suit is to be worn in the summer, winter or all year round, and also taking account of the different properties of different weights of fabric.

For example, garments constructed of heavier fabrics tend to resist creasing and maintain their shape and drape well, and tend generally to be more durable. Lightweight fabrics are cooler to wear in summer months, and some clients find them more comfortable to wear due to their reduced weight.

In the UK the weight of a fabric is measured in ounces per square yard

  • 6.5oz – 9.5oz: Summer weight
  • 10oz – 12oz: Medium weight or all year round weight
  • 13oz & above: Winter weight

At Jasper Littman we have access to the finest selection of fabrics from renowned Savile Row merchants.

collage of images showing different fine suit fabrics

Jacket and trouser choices

As each jacket is made to an individual’s requirements, it can be tailored to suit your preference for cuffs, pockets and vents. Our expert tailors will be happy to advise on all such matters, which are as much about suitability for your lifestyle and profession as they are about stylistic preference.

Similarly, trouser options can be tailored to fit your preferences for style and comfort. Whether you prefer flat fronted trousers for a more contemporary look, or with pleats to provide more room around the thighs, your dedicated expert tailor will be able to advise.

We will typically advocate side-adjusters in preference to belt loops – after all, with a Jasper Littman bespoke suit a belt will be quite redundant.

Suit trousers often take more wear and tear than the jacket and therefore need to be both comfortable and hard wearing. Many of our clients opt for an extra pair of trousers in order to extend the life of the suit.

a collage of images showing different options for cuffs, trousers and pockets