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Semi-bespoke suits from £1,049 (in 6-8 weeks), fully bespoke suits from £4,100 (in 10-12 weeks).

Our visiting tailor service operates in London, South Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

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Speaking generally, a number of factors influence the cost of a personally tailored suit. The most direct influence will be the quality and exclusivity of the fabric that you choose.

The method of construction used, along with skill and experience of the tailor will most assuredly determine the quality of the garment, which in turn drives the fee that those services can command.

It is generally accepted that tailors with extensive Savile Row training represent the pinnacle of their craft, and the ultimate assurance of quality and skill.

This, combined with the significant overheads associated with operating premises in Savile Row itself will typically mean that a fully bespoke suit from one of the long-established Savile Row tailoring houses will cost from around £5,000 – although up to £10,000 is not uncommon for particularly exclusive fabrics.

Over many years, Jasper Littman has worked hard to offer a product that retains all of this quality, style and tradition, but at a price point that is more accessible.

As a visiting tailor – and therefore without a dedicated client showroom on Savile Row – Jasper Littman is able to avoid many of the overheads of other Savile Row tailors, allowing an overall lower price point for personally tailored suits but without any compromise on quality.

All fully bespoke suits will be hand created at our workshops in Savile Row.

Fully bespoke Jasper Littman suits start at £4,100, with the average cost currently around £4,300 within a timescale of 10-12 weeks.

Additionally, Jasper Littman is proud to offer semi-bespoke suits, ideal for clients who are perhaps new to personal tailoring, but demand more than typical off-the-peg (or even so-called ‘made-to-measure’) can provide.

Semi-bespoke suits start at £1,049, with the average cost currently between £1,200 and £1,600, within a timescale of 6-8 weeks.

Are bespoke suits worth the cost?

Creating a fully bespoke suit will typically involve between 80 and 100 hours of work by skilled craftsmen at the top of their trade. Our costs are a reflection of that skill and effort, and the quality of materials in use.

Our semi-bespoke suits require less hand-finishing and do not involve the intermediate baste stage, resulting in a saving in time but with the same quality materials. They are offered at a price point that is directly comparable with many distinctly mediocre off-the-peg designer brands.

Clients must clearly determine for themselves whether they feel the cost of personal tailoring is justified. In a society that has arguably become more ‘throwaway’ over recent years, we would simply advise that true quality endures, and a Jasper Littman suit will have a durability and longevity that will outlast any mass-produced alternative.