Visiting Tailor Service

Many of our clients have busy work and social lives and find it difficult (and not altogether enjoyable) to make time for shopping in Savile Row.

The visiting tailor service allows you to put time aside when it is convenient for you either at home or at work. The visit can be discreetly scheduled in between meetings, at lunchtime or at the end of the day.

Our visiting tailors can give you the uninterrupted attention and time, so often short in retail environments, to find out what the suit is for, what will suit you and any special requirements you may have.

At the initial fitting our Savile Row tailor will establish what you require from the suit, take a variety of measurements and help you select fabrics and the individual details of your bespoke suit. Several weeks later our bespoke tailor will return for a fitting to check all the measurements. Any alterations are made and the suit returned within two weeks ready to wear.

Once you have decided to invest in your wardrobe, a bespoke tailor will be permanently assigned to you. He will oversee all of your purchases and manage your account for you. If necessary he will advise you on where to buy the best shirts, ties and shoes to go with your suit.