In selecting the suit weight it is important to know whether it is to be worn in the summer, winter or if it will be used all year round.

In the UK the weight of a fabric is measured in ounces per square yard.

6.5oz – 9.5oz Summer weight
10oz – 12oz Medium weight or all year round weight
13oz & above Winter weight

Everyone feels the cold in different ways and we all work in rooms of varying temperature so the above figures can only be used as a rough guide.

What is also worth bearing in mind are the different properties associated with these weights.

If you want a suit to maintain its shape and drape well it is advisable to choose a heavier fabric.
Heavier fabrics also crease less because the sheer weight of the fabric pulls the creases out and returns the suit to its original shape.
Being thicker, heavier weight fabrics are also less susceptible to abrasion and wear and tear of all kinds, consequently they are more durable.

Lightweight fabrics are much cooler to wear but also more comfortable because the whole suit weighs less making you feel less ‘tied up’.