Why A Gentleman Should Never Wear a Belt

August 09, 2012 | Posted in Trousers | Leave a Comment   (0) | Jasper

The Advantages of Side Adjusters

There is an old expression on Savile Row that advises that “A gentleman should never wear a belt.”

Whilst this is an old one from the vaults the thinking behind it is still very much up to date. It implies that if one is having a suit made there is no need to use a belt or braces to hold one’s trousers up.

The waist band of your trousers will perfectly match the size of your waist, so no assistance needed.

Personally, all of my suit trousers are fitted with side-adjusters for two reasons: it’s more convenient to adjust if the size if your weight fluctuates and it’s a more discreet way of loosening the waist after a large meal. I also prefer the look of a suit that’s nothing but suit fabric from head to toe, entirely uninterrupted by shiny belt buckles.

As a bonus, anyone who notices the side-adjusters will realise that your suit has been tailored for you as the vast majority of off-the-peg suits come with belt loops.