Winter Themed Wedding Tips for the Groom’s Party

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All too often every aspect of wedding planning is left to the bride, from the flowers and table decorations to the groom’s outfit. But a winter themed wedding is the perfect opportunity for grooms to express themselves, inject some of their personality into the proceedings and get involved.

If you’re planning a winter theme for your nuptials then make sure your wedding wear stands out from the crowd with these winter wedding suit ideas.

White Tie

A winter themed wedding is usually about creating a magical, festive effect with white and a few accent colours. For a timeless and classic look choose full evening wear with a white tie, tailcoat and top hat. If your big day is set to be a storm of snowflakes and fairly lights then this ageless attire will fit in perfectly. You can add white gloves and a cane to really go the whole hog.


Winter and tartan go hand in hand, so if you want to create a stand out look for you and your groomsmen then why not choose tartan suits? You can find tartan suits off the peg but to get exactly what you want, choose bespoke. It’s even possible to track down the tartan of your own clan and make the suit even more personal. If you’re worried about the cost, get your own suit made by a professional tailor and choose suits off the peg in a matching colour for your groomsmen.

Bright and Bold

Bold accent colours like rich red or frosty turquoise can look fantastic at a winter themed wedding. Match your suit to the accent colour and make a splash in bold brights. Groomsmen’s suits in a vibrant shade will let all your guests know who is in the wedding party and add a touch of cheer to what could otherwise be a boring and bland scheme. If your suit is a stand out colour then choose a classic cut to avoid comparisons to Simon Le Bon circa 1983.

Go Retro

With Christmas and New Year looming, winter weddings are all about fun and there’s no reason why a little of that shouldn’t be injected into what you wear. Lots of brides these days are choosing vintage or vintage style wedding dresses, so find out which era your bride’s outfit emulates and choose a suit to match.

An elegant 1920’s or thirties style gown will work wonderfully with a wide lapelled and slouchy suit in the Great Gatsby style, especially in a light and bright colour like powder blue or rich cream – but don’t forget the two toned shoes.

Choose a sharp suit, fitted shirt and slim fit tie for a 1950’s ‘Ratpack’ style that will look perfect with a vintage gown from the same era. Take things one step further by choosing a shiny snakeskin fabric that will add a touch more opulence to your outfit and finish the look with a classic fedora .





Groom suits and how to design them

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Linings for bespoke groom suits

Some of the many colourful linings available for selection


For most of us, choosing a wedding suit is a new and hopefully once in a lifetime experience, which is why it’s essential to get it right.

If you’ve got lots of questions about the best wedding suit to choose then let us guide you in the right direction with the answers to these frequently asked questions:


1. Will this suit be used for work after the wedding or not?

If you’re planning to wear your suit for work or other reasons after your wedding then the style, cut and fabric you choose is of considerable importance.

Whenever I consult with clients this is the first question I ask and around 80% of people intend to use their suit for business afterwards, whilst the remaining 20% will use their suit for special occasions only.

In terms of economy, having a wedding suit made that you can then wear for work is cost effective and there are plenty of fabrics to choose from that strike the right balance between business and special occasions.

If you don’t intend to wear your suit again then you’ve really got complete freedom as to the colour, style and design you choose.


2. Timing

When is your wedding? Any decent tailor will have a turn-round time of at least six weeks so if you’re nearly six weeks away from your wedding date, call a tailor (preferably us) NOW! Remember that your wedding date cannot be moved to accommodate a late suit!


3. Fabric choice

To avoid looking too business like don’t opt for pin stripes, chalk stripes or very sombre colours like plain black.

Mid blues, greys and browns all work well for weddings, but there’s really an endless choice of fabric types and colours.

When it comes to fabric, opt for high quality such as mohair or fine wool which will look great and be built to last. You can choose fabrics that have been finished to a high lustre to add an extra touch of luxury that will still work in the office.


4. Style choice

To avoid the work wear look don’t opt for three-button single-breasted suits or double-breasted suits as they can end up looking too official and aren’t relaxed enough for a wedding.

I would personally recommend either a one or two-button single-breasted suit. A one-button in particular can work very well as a wedding suit and is versatile enough to be worn for other occasions or for work. My own wedding suit was a one-button.


5. Themes

Do you want to match your suit to the colour theme of your wedding? If you’re going for a pink or purple scheme you don’t have to choose a bright and bold fabric, but you could opt for a matching lining and pocket square that will tie in with the overall colour theme (see image above).


6. Colour of the bride’s dress

Although you probably won’t want to see the bride’s dress before your big day, it’s still important to ensure that your suit isn’t going to clash with the outfit of your wife to be.

To avoid seeing the dress try to get hold of a fabric sample so that you can bring it with you to your first appointment with a tailor and make sure that your suit will work well with the wedding dress.


7. Tails or no tails

If you want to wear a traditional top hat and tails then bear in mind that your suit must be worn as a 3-piece and your ushers will also have to wear the full outfit.

Unless you can afford to buy a top hat and tails for all your ushers they will probably end up hiring suits which are unlikely to measure up to the standards you expect.

You may also want to bear in mind that if you’re getting married in the summer a three-piece tailcoat with top hat can be on the warm side!


8. Three-piece or two-piece

The majority of groom suits we tailor are two-piece and single breasted but a three-piece suit is also a great wedding option. One advantage of the three-piece is that you are instantly differentiated from the ushers and the rest of the wedding party who are almost guaranteed to be wearing two-piece suits.

However, bear in mind that after your wedding you may not use the waistcoat again so the extra money you spent on it will be just for your wedding day.


9. The wedding party

Another factor you may want to consider is the sartorial intentions of the male side of your wedding party. Many grooms choose to give a semi-bespoke suit as a gift to their best man and/or ushers and others decide to split the cost with them. One advantage of this approach is that all of these suits can be tailored in the exact same fabric, which looks superb on the day and in the wedding photography.

Your ushers will also be delighted to add a beautifully tailored suit to their wardrobe for future use.


If the thought of choosing your wedding suit still fills you with dread then make sure you get in touch and we’ll explain all your options on your first visit so you can pick the perfect suit for your wedding and beyond.





A Fabulous Wedding Gift From Fabric Merchants Holland & Sherry

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My relationship with Holland & Sherry goes back twelve years and over that time they have looked after me exceptionally well. Never more so than when they offered me a complimentary length of fabric woven in the design and quality of my choice for my wedding in June 2012.

I was touched by this generous gift but also excited at the prospect of being able to choose any colour or design. I relished the opportunity to play fabric designer for a day and all kinds of crazy thoughts entered my head; heart shapes running down the suit like a pin stripe – no, too tacky, the bride and groom’s names woven into the fabric along with the wedding date – just as bad. Red & white stripes in the colours of my beloved Arsenal FC – would never get permission, and so on…

In the end I settled on an 11oz chocolate brown fabric in a simple herringbone design, woven in the quality of their Victory Super 140’s (with cashmere & silver mink) bunch.


I chose chocolate brown because it’s a colour that is rarely used for work in the UK so immediately the suit is distanced from an ordinary business suit – something I feel is important in a wedding suit. The herringbone weave just adds a bit of interest as it catches the light. More interesting than a plain chocolate brown.

I chose the Victory quality because the fabric is woven in England in Holland & Sherry’s own mills and I believe it’s one of the best fabrics they offer. The cashmere & silver mink that they weave in with the Super 140’s wool creates a silky smooth handle that’s a pleasure to wear. It feels like wearing silk pyjamas.

Read more about Holland & Sherry’s Victory bunch

The reason I went for an 11oz medium weight fabric is because although a heavier weight (12oz or 13oz) would’ve hung better and therefore looked cleaner in the wedding photos, my wedding was in June so I didn’t want to get too hot. I also planned to use the suit again after the wedding and a medium weight is useful for more months of the year than say, a 13oz.

On the day the 11oz fabric draped beautifully and held its shape without overheating an already stressed groom. As this was a very special occasion I decided to have the suit made using our fully bespoke tailoring service rather than the semi bespoke which I use most frequently.

Huge thanks to Lindsay and at all at Holland & Sherry for the wonderful gift.