James Bond – wearing a bespoke suit with disdain.

November 01, 2013


News that Daniel Craig and his wife, Rachel Weiz, are treading the boards in New York had me wondering whether he will be wearing bespoke suits in the new production of Betrayal, directed by Mike Nichols.


Mr Craig has come to epitomise the well-suited Brit over the last few years. From his Bond debut, Casino Royale in 2006, to delivering the latest Range Rover Sport in NYC, he certainly cuts a dash at every available opportunity.


Bond in Skyfall


Of course there are those who claim that Tom Ford’s creations are not quite the thing for a British secret agent. But quite honestly I am simply relieved that he is wearing bespoke suits. One of the key reasons he consistently appears in a multitude of Best Dressed Men awards each year is that these suits are made to fit him so well.


Whilst the fit for the Skyfall suits was very contemporary, in many ways the cut was really traditional – 2-button front, high lapel notch, narrow lapels that roll gently over the top button, prick-stitched working cuffs with the last button left open, and a single vent. The flap pockets have only a shallow slant, hinting at the classic English bespoke style.


Whether Bond’s jackets were a little short in the back balance (Villain Javier Bardem’s jackets seemed to fit far better), or the tab collar shirt a little mid-Atlantic, the overall effect was undoubtedly sharp and did every bespoke tailor an immense favour…


Bardem in Skyfall


It was also interesting to discover that the genesis for the Skyfall look came partly from Craig himself, who claims that the only thing he has in common with the fictional hero is a taste in fine suits. In conjunction with costume designer Jany Temime, the objective was for Bond’s suits to be “worn with disdain…” For those who may have missed this at the time, you can watch the full interview ­­HERE.


So roll on the release of the as yet unnamed Bond 24 in October 2015 – in my book the opening of any Bond film is a flag day for Savile Row!












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