The Art of the Summer suit

July 17, 2013



Now that we have caught our breath after Wimbledon and are already reveling in another glorious Ashes series, you may well be considering suits suitable for The Great British Summer.

This fickle season has already left many of us perspiring in suits too heavy for the warmer days we have experienced of late, so what constitutes the perfect summer suit?

If the suit fits properly – a given with Jasper Littman – you will feel much cooler and better able to move. Single-breasted one or two button suits are ideal for both work and smart events during the season.

But the key to a summer suit is choosing a fabric that ‘breathes’. Whilst it is tempting to look at cottons & linens, the level of creasing and lack of durability may well be too great a price to pay. Instead we would recommend mohair & wool blends – perfect for summer as they are so much cooler to wear.

For those who travel, the real beauty of Mohair blends are that they will also help your suit to retain its shape and remain crisp. You can find more detail about these summer suit Mohair blends in a blog post from last year.

Choosing a lightweight lining will make a considerable difference, whilst we can also accommodate a half suit lining, or for fully bespoke suits, even no lining at all. We will naturally avoid excessive canvas and haircloth in the construction, making the suit feel both lighter and cooler.

Lighter colours than you would usually choose for Autumn/Winter will immediately make you feel that you are wearing a cooler suit. Greys and petrol blues are always smart colours for the season, whilst creams and stone colours are perfect for more relaxed social events – but do keep in mind that they will not look so good when you are caught in the inevitable summer downpour!

Please make sure that once you have worn your suit it is aired properly before putting it away, as a damp suit will quickly lose its shape. Dry-cleaning too often will also seriously reduce the life of your suit, so try to build up a selection of summer outfits that you can rotate.

Finally, do remember that bespoke suits in particular do take time to make – so if you want something special for that event in late-August, best talk to us now!

For more information or to book an appointment please call us on 08456 121 220 (24 hours).




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