Winter Themed Wedding Tips for the Groom’s Party

November 11, 2012



All too often every aspect of wedding planning is left to the bride, from the flowers and table decorations to the groom’s outfit. But a winter themed wedding is the perfect opportunity for grooms to express themselves, inject some of their personality into the proceedings and get involved.

If you’re planning a winter theme for your nuptials then make sure your wedding wear stands out from the crowd with these winter wedding suit ideas.

White Tie

A winter themed wedding is usually about creating a magical, festive effect with white and a few accent colours. For a timeless and classic look choose full evening wear with a white tie, tailcoat and top hat. If your big day is set to be a storm of snowflakes and fairly lights then this ageless attire will fit in perfectly. You can add white gloves and a cane to really go the whole hog.


Winter and tartan go hand in hand, so if you want to create a stand out look for you and your groomsmen then why not choose tartan suits? You can find tartan suits off the peg but to get exactly what you want, choose bespoke. It’s even possible to track down the tartan of your own clan and make the suit even more personal. If you’re worried about the cost, get your own suit made by a professional tailor and choose suits off the peg in a matching colour for your groomsmen.

Bright and Bold

Bold accent colours like rich red or frosty turquoise can look fantastic at a winter themed wedding. Match your suit to the accent colour and make a splash in bold brights. Groomsmen’s suits in a vibrant shade will let all your guests know who is in the wedding party and add a touch of cheer to what could otherwise be a boring and bland scheme. If your suit is a stand out colour then choose a classic cut to avoid comparisons to Simon Le Bon circa 1983.

Go Retro

With Christmas and New Year looming, winter weddings are all about fun and there’s no reason why a little of that shouldn’t be injected into what you wear. Lots of brides these days are choosing vintage or vintage style wedding dresses, so find out which era your bride’s outfit emulates and choose a suit to match.

An elegant 1920’s or thirties style gown will work wonderfully with a wide lapelled and slouchy suit in the Great Gatsby style, especially in a light and bright colour like powder blue or rich cream – but don’t forget the two toned shoes.

Choose a sharp suit, fitted shirt and slim fit tie for a 1950’s ‘Ratpack’ style that will look perfect with a vintage gown from the same era. Take things one step further by choosing a shiny snakeskin fabric that will add a touch more opulence to your outfit and finish the look with a classic fedora .





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