Jasper Littman’s Tailoring Tips: How to Choose a Fabric for a Bespoke Suit

October 24, 2012


Fabric for bespoke suit

Navy subtle pin stripe woven exclusively for Jasper Littman


When ordering your bespoke or semi-bespoke suit (the fabric selection is the same for both) you’ll be guided through the process but you may want to consider these factors before your first appointment:


  • What will the suit be used for? Is this a business suit or is it for a wedding?
  • During which season will the suit be ready? Would it make sense to order a summer weight suit, a winter weight or a year-round medium weight? Click here to read about fabric weights
  • Will this suit be used for overseas travel to hot countries?
  • What colours do you already have in your wardrobe? If you already own five navy suits, then maybe it’s time for a grey?
  • Which colours suit your skin tone, hair colour and size, and which are appropriate for your profession?
  • What’s the clothing policy at your place of employment? Do you always have to wear conservative colours or can you get away with being more adventurous?
  • Is durability the most important factor for you or are you more interested in comfort?
  • What is your budget? The price of a Jasper Littman suit is determined by the quality of the fabric.
  • Do you prefer pure wool or would you consider a blend e.g. wool & mohair, wool & cashmere etc?


Fabric Tips:


  • Medium weight and heavier weight fabrics will always drape better than light weights but of course they will be warmer to wear as a result. Take into account the temperature of your working environment when considering the weight.


  • Consider whether you’re the type of person who feels the cold, or whether you’re more likely to overheat in an office situation.


  • Always try to choose a fabric that’s more interesting than the colours and weaves you usually find with off-the-peg suits.


  • Ask your tailor about how the quality and performance varies between different fabric merchants e.g. Holland & Sherry, H. Lesser, Smith Woollens etc. They all have their strengths and weaknesses and this should be taken into account when making your decision. Their prices also vary considerably.



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