A Fabulous Wedding Gift From Fabric Merchants Holland & Sherry

August 10, 2012

My relationship with Holland & Sherry goes back twelve years and over that time they have looked after me exceptionally well. Never more so than when they offered me a complimentary length of fabric woven in the design and quality of my choice for my wedding in June 2012.

I was touched by this generous gift but also excited at the prospect of being able to choose any colour or design. I relished the opportunity to play fabric designer for a day and all kinds of crazy thoughts entered my head; heart shapes running down the suit like a pin stripe – no, too tacky, the bride and groom’s names woven into the fabric along with the wedding date – just as bad. Red & white stripes in the colours of my beloved Arsenal FC – would never get permission, and so on…

In the end I settled on an 11oz chocolate brown fabric in a simple herringbone design, woven in the quality of their Victory Super 140’s (with cashmere & silver mink) bunch.


I chose chocolate brown because it’s a colour that is rarely used for work in the UK so immediately the suit is distanced from an ordinary business suit – something I feel is important in a wedding suit. The herringbone weave just adds a bit of interest as it catches the light. More interesting than a plain chocolate brown.

I chose the Victory quality because the fabric is woven in England in Holland & Sherry’s own mills and I believe it’s one of the best fabrics they offer. The cashmere & silver mink that they weave in with the Super 140’s wool creates a silky smooth handle that’s a pleasure to wear. It feels like wearing silk pyjamas.

Read more about Holland & Sherry’s Victory bunch

The reason I went for an 11oz medium weight fabric is because although a heavier weight (12oz or 13oz) would’ve hung better and therefore looked cleaner in the wedding photos, my wedding was in June so I didn’t want to get too hot. I also planned to use the suit again after the wedding and a medium weight is useful for more months of the year than say, a 13oz.

On the day the 11oz fabric draped beautifully and held its shape without overheating an already stressed groom. As this was a very special occasion I decided to have the suit made using our fully bespoke tailoring service rather than the semi bespoke which I use most frequently.

Huge thanks to Lindsay and at all at Holland & Sherry for the wonderful gift.


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